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Sol-Nest’s patent pending technology has changed the face of the building industry as we know it. It is now possible to build profitable disaster-resilient housing on a large-scale, in one-third the time of traditional methods, that will last throughout multiple generations.

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New Technology, New Methods.

Sol-Nest, LLC has developed a disruptive technology in the building industry that is stronger and less expensive than traditional building methods. Our patent pending process under Sol-Nest, LLC is called HIPPS™, this uses a Hybrid I-Post and Panel System.

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Multi-generation Housing

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The Core of Building Right

t's called "the core" and it may play a role in international emergency relief situations and more Williston building projects. Rod Russell brought a background in home construction to the...

HIPPS Hybrid I-Post and Panel System for Resilient Buildings

Creates resilient, efficient, affordable housing using existing concrete supply channels. On a trip to Africa Rod Russell invented a new way to build housing using precast concrete posts and panels...

Just Water, Complete Bucket System” does good job in Africa

Emails from South Africa David South, president of Monolithic, recently received two emails from Rod Russell, Project Manager with Smart Homes Africa. According to Rod, two organizations, Sol-Nest and SmartHomes...

Bayard entrepreneur helps those effected by storm with housing

GERING, Neb. (KNEP) - Last month, many residents in Bayard where effected by the storm where it destroyed homes, barns and even livestock. One local Bayard resident wants to make...

Bayard man has big dreams: building better, disaster-resistant structures

BAYARD — Rod Russell has been a builder his whole life, but rather than maintaining the status quo of building methods, he challenged himself 28 years ago. His goal is...