Bayard entrepreneur helps those effected by storm with housing

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GERING, Neb. (KNEP) – Last month, many residents in Bayard where effected by the storm where it destroyed homes, barns and even livestock. One local Bayard resident wants to make a difference by providing affordable housing to those affected by the storm.

Rod Russell, runs a company in Gering called MR Housing where it helps families find affordable housing options. Russell builds resilient homes around the world, and since the storm disaster last month he would like to help farmers and ranchers build Ag buildings and barns.

According to Russell, his new construction technology can be built at a low cost, and is more durable than current block and mortar building systems.

“What we do is that we can actually create tornado shelters and tornado resistant housing that we design to be able to stand the forces of nature that we experience in this region,” says Russel. “Our goal at MR Housing is to go out there and build affordable housing that could survive the elements and the climate where we are building these houses.”

As of now, his company wants to extend a helping hand to anyone who was affected by the storm or needs housing.

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