HIPPS Hybrid I-Post and Panel System for Resilient Buildings

Sol-Nest, LLC Blog

Creates resilient, efficient, affordable housing using existing concrete supply channels.
On a trip to Africa Rod Russell invented a new way to build housing using precast concrete posts and panels called “HIPPS”. The design creates a superstructure tied into the foundation that is wind and fire resistant yet can be insulated for use in any climate. It’s a simple system using inexpensive forms that can be build anywhere in the globe, making the system mobile and deployable in response to any disaster or housing need. The system is adaptable to nearly any residential housing design, uses predominately local materials (aggregates and cement) and incorporates the use of basalt reinforcement with the potential of making housing last for hundreds of years, which reverses the trend of housing attrition for affordable housing. Because the columns both carry the load of the roof and resist uplift, it’s virtually hurricane or tornado proof, with intense seismic resistance as well. In Africa in 2013, a prototype was built in 5 weeks, using unskilled labor and local materials.

Source:  https://theindexproject.org/award/nominees/1046