Sol-Nest’s patent pending technology has changed the face of the building industry as we know it. It is now possible to build profitable disaster-resilient housing on a large-scale, in one-third the time of traditional methods, that will last throughout multiple generations.

Sol-Nest, LLC is building for the right reasons. These reasons include having a roof over each head, treating families humanely and providing shelter regardless of geographical location. We can reverse the housing attrition trend by creating resilience and lowering the threshold of affordability for millions. We are, essentially, building for humanity. 

Fires, floods, hurricanes, earthquakes and tornadoes are some of the most destructive forces to man and destroy thousands of homes every year. We cannot possibly begin to calculate the loss and human suffering. Moreover, the economic effects from these catastrophic events can continue to haunt future generations. Simply put, a family’s greatest asset is their home.  

Sol-Nest, LLC has developed a disruptive technology in the building industry that is stronger and less expensive than traditional building methods. Our proprietary building technology produces homes at a lower cost than conventional building with less skilled labor and faster build times. Our homes are constructed to last for many  generations as opposed to one or two through traditional building methods. Sol-Nest, LLC homes can survive earthquakes, fire, floods and 250 MPH winds.


Executive Team

Rodney Russell:


Rod is a lifelong design-build professional and has been an active inventor for the past 35 years. He has invented several building methods including the HIPPS™ product (Hybrid I-Post and Panel System) which has been successfully implemented in the US and Africa. Russell has managed housing plants and build projects in several U.S. States and other countries. For the past seven years, he has built high efficiency homes in the Midwest including completing the first disaster-resilient home in Nebraska.

Brian D. Smith

PE, SE, President SOL-NEST, LLC

Brian is the owner of Sol-Nest’s partner company, Sage Engineering, which provides civil and structural engineering services for architectural and construction firms. He founded Pinnacle Engineers and was the acting president from its inception in 1993 until 2009. From there, he began Sage Engineering. The volume of his work has extended to over 10,000+ projects in the United States and abroad. Brian holds a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering from the University of Idaho, 1987.

Kim Fuller

Chief Operating Officer & Communications Director, SOL-NEST, LLC

Kim Fuller was the first national public affairs director of Project Impact: Building Disaster Resilient Communities for FEMA. Kim, alongside a previous FEMA Director and colleagues, built and operated a multi-million dollar emergency management and public safety consulting firm from 2001-2013. She also developed an internationally known and highly respected emergency management brand name for Witt O’Brien’s and the precursor companies James Lee Witt Associates, Global Options Group and Witt Associates. Kim provided strategic communications counsel, media training, message development and crisis management for over 100 of their employees.

James Lee Witt

Advisor, SOL-NEST, LLC

James Lee is recognized today as the foremost expert in disaster management and response. He is the founder of Witt Global Partners, a strategic business consulting and disaster recovery advisory firm. James Lee has worked on every major disaster from 1993-2001. As the head of his emergency management company, he has worked on almost every major disaster since 2001. He has managed the response and recovery for almost all of the nation’s largest disasters, including the Northridge Earthquake, the Oklahoma City Bombing, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy and the BP Oil Spill. Additionally, he has managed or consulted for over 400 other disasters across the country. These efforts included assisting municipalities and Puerto Rico effectively manage long-term recovery efforts and provide financial accountability.