Our patent pending process under Sol-Nest, LLC is called HIPPS™, this uses a Hybrid I- Post and Panel System versus the typical block and mortar.  What is it and why is it better?

  • We’ve essentially reconfigured these materials into a pre-cast system that is up to 300% stronger and can be built in one-third the time when compared to conventional block and mortar construction. By using existing skill sets and indigenous materials, we are greatly reducing costs and changing the way the world builds. We are now able to replace block and mortar and cast in-place concrete construction anywhere in the world.  

  • A critical component of our building method uses Basalt Filament Rebar. Basalt reinforcement will not rust or have a chemical reaction with water which is the largest failure with traditional concrete construction. It has the same expansion properties as concrete,  three times the strength of equal size steel rebar and is one tenth of the weight. All of this makes for extremely cost-effective importing. And since Basalt is much lighter than steel, it creates far less fatigue for installers thus reducing missed work, injuries and related medical costs.

  • The HIPPS™ method of laying concrete is also superior. We create vertical columns and panels improving the strength of the structure by three-fold. With the HIPPS™ method, precast panels with tongues set in grooved columns are put together by unskilled labor in days instead of weeks. 

  • With the HIPPS™ method, a six man crew can set all exterior wall panels of a home in one day with unskilled labor. An entire home can be assembled and finished in as little as eight weeks. 

  • The Sol-Nest, LLC disaster-resilient building system is specifically designed to be implemented in large-scale housing projects. By providing a deployable rapid set factory, we are able to deliver a significantly stronger product in one-third of the time. 

  • Some Sol-Nest, LLC homes are built with a prefabricated utilities integrated building core (UIBC) system. This is a one site utility hook-up. This lowers the cost of building by allowing all power, sewage and water to enter into one place within the home. 

  • Where necessary, our Sol-Nest, LLC homes can be built “off the grid” utilizing solar power when access to a city power system is not attainable.

  • With the large-scale implementation of Sol-Nest, LLC/HIPPS™ homes engineered specifically to stand up to our ever changing climate, we can protect current and future generations from harm and prevent financial ruin. 

Our patent pending building method allows for fast build times, high margin imports, low environmental impact, local skill sets and materials, recycling and a franchise-style replication that is profitable.  Sol-Nest’s unique model is the only one of its kind providing affordability for homeowners and profitability for investors.